Agent Nirvana

…and they said it couldn’t be done.

The foundation of all master agency programs is a distribution model.  The master agent negotiates contracts with the suppliers and passes through compensation to the partner at an agreed upon rate.  The value proposition of each master lies in the differentiation beyond aggregating contracts and dispersing payments.

ADVODA’s foundation is rooted in providing complete pre-sale and post-sale support for all services.  Our agent partners are able to leverage their pre-sales team to recommend suppliers, architect solutions,  and prepare quotes, proposals, and contracts; and even engage with the client to close the business.


In effect, the ADVODA process of complete holistic support for the agent’s client provides over a 4X savings in time for the agent.  This savings equates directly to more sales calls, resulting in more sales.  And in business, time is money!


Once the contract is signed, our operations team picks up the ball and the real heavy lifting begins.  They review the order package and identify any missing information that could jeopardize successful completion of the project.  They establish critical milestones and manage to those milestones throughout the project.  You can expect to hear from our team a minimum of once a week with updates on the current status and any actionable items that could jeopardize the previously established timeline.  All of these data points and complete order tracking is available online 24/7 via the ADVODA NEXUS.


While nothing is perfect in telecom and we could never promise a challenge-free process, our experience has shown that this proactive engagement significantly reduces both the number of problems that impact delivery and the amount of time you end up investing in trying to manage the project yourself.


Once the services are installed, the team audits the first bill for accuracy and proactively initiates billing disputes for any variances from the contract.  This activity is also logged in ADVODA NEXUS.


The final element if our service offering consists of the lifecycle management services.   You can count on your Customer Relationship Manager to engage in regular touch points with the client and to manage all MACD (move, add, change, disconnect) requests, as well as manage renewals and technology conversions.


Whether you are looking to leverage existing client relationships and maximize revenue, provide a broader service offering to you clients (versus sending them in to the lion’s den by calling a carrier directly), or simply find a way to grow your existing agency without adding head count directly, ADVODA’s full service offering can be tailored to meet your requirements.


Once you decide to join our team, the real problem you’ll be faced with is whether to spend all that freed up time engaging more clients and increasing your revenue potential, or working on your golf game.


We take care of the details, so you don’t have to.

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