A Note from our Chief Operating Officer

Hello Friends, 


Ours is a business of relationships where we frequently meet with customers, partners and vendors to build trust and collaborate on innovative technology solutions. We enjoy working together to make businesses more effective and profitable. At ADVODA Technology Solutions, we have heavy hearts about not being able to meet with you live, but know that we are still connected with you.  


While our society has not seen a situation unfold like the one caused by the COVID-19 Virus, I have no doubt that the determination and spirit that makes up our local communities and great nation will respond to overcome these challenges with veracity.  Here at ADVODA, we understand that in times like these it is necessary to step up to challenges even more than is typical, for the greater good of our friends, neighbors and country.  


In addition to being an organization that supports our local businesses, we are a link in keeping your families, your business and your community connected. We have implemented our own social distancing actions, as of mid-March, with 100% of our workforce operating from home. We are working diligently to reduce the risk to our ecosystem, while ensuring that our customer support and services continue without interruption.  


In response, we are very proud to report that there are several vendors that are offering enhanced services and products to solve challenges in times like these and at little or no cost.  We have an expedite team ready to support your remote workplace environment, specifically your application performance and altered security landscape, to keep your staff and business operations safe.


We expect to be part of the solution and believe that by working together, we can keep our community safe while maintaining consistent productivity.  As new developments occur, we are committed to serving our customers, our partners, our vendors and those among us in the community.  


Please take the necessary precautions to help ensure your own personal health and safety and that of your loved ones. While we all must practice social distancing, now is the time to come together to support each other.



Rick Corbett

President & COO, Advoda Technology Solutions