Partner Policies & Procedures

  • Ensure your business is in compliance with Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) rules.

  • Complete Partner Opportunity Registration Form for all new sales opportunities.

  • Obtain and provide a current Provider Letter of Agency (LOA) (if applicable) and ADVODA LOA for all Customers.

  • Submit contracts and/or order requests that have met the following criteria:

    • Ensure activity/contract implications are fully disclosed and understood by the appropriate customer decision makers; and

    • Ensure signature is obtained from a legally authorized representative to bind the customer to the contract and/or order activity; and

    • Provide ADVODA with a written request from a legally authorized customer representative for any order activity that does not require a Provider contract or order form with signature; and

    • Provide complete contract packages and order information to ADVODA for all orders.

  • Engage with ADVODA and Provider staff in a professional, respectful manner.

  • Utilize Nexus for opportunity management, order status, and commissions reporting as the first point of inquiry.

  • Encourage and support customers in establishing Portal Access with the Providers to ensure they have direct access to the support resources for each Provider.  It is critical that the customer open a ticket immediately directly with the provider for all service related issues.

  • Proactively manage retention activity with your Customers & ADVODA.

  • Escalate any concerns to the appropriate ADVODA Leadership Team member.

  • Follow any specific vendor policies and procedures that are applicable to you (these are found on the vendor specific websites and upon request from each vendor).

  • Do not discredit is disparage ADVODA or any of it’s Providers with Customers or prospective Customers.

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