Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Value Added Resellers (VARs) are focused on selling the technology services and products they specialize in to their clients. VARs have a wealth of knowledge in very specific areas of technology; be that desktop devices, servers and operating systems, or application software for various vertical markets. VARs are also heavily engaged in the voice side of the business, from traditional fixed switch design and installations to IP based services, Hosted and SIP trunks.  The average client would be lost without having the support of the VAR community, helping them decide upon the best direction for their company in deploying automation and technology.


The VAR community has become instrumental in moving enterprises to the “cloud.”  This has created a huge demand for the VAR to provide supporting network infrastructure as part of the overall solution.  It has created a perplexing problem for the VAR, in that the performance of his or her system solution depends more and more on the performance on the inter-connecting network.  In order to overcome this challenge, the VARs must either develop the ability to provide the networking component to the project either by designing, ordering, managing the deployment itself, or by working with ADVODA.


In today’s “move to the Cloud” world, ADVODA Communications has brought together best of breed products in the network and telecommunications space to support the VAR community.  Our internal back office provides presale support to the client and the VAR in defining the best solution for meeting the VARs need for delivering services. After the sale, ADVODA project managers carry the burden to insure that the services ordered by the client are managed to delivery and installation within the timeline originally established in the agreement.  The goal is to provide a high degree of support, both pre-sale and post-sale on the networking portion of the system to help ensure the VAR wins the opportunity, and ensure it is delivered as required by the project timelines.


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