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ADVODA NEXUS – Where it all comes together

We’ve always believed that technology can be a useful tool in business, and a great tool can actually contribute to customer satisfaction.  The ADVODA NEXUS is our customer order and information management system designed to support our core values of transparency and commitment to excellence.

Whether you are a customer or an agent, ADVODA NEXUS goes to work from the moment your services order is entered.  Immediately, the system highlights missing order information that could cause hiccups later – during contract preparation or service implementation.  Then, implementation milestones are established so that every touch point with the project management and implementation team is visible in the NEXUS along with your order status – 24/7 because the NEXUS never sleeps.

Throughout our relationship with you, all MACD (moves, adds, changes, disconnects) will be managed through the NEXUS. So you can have peace of mind that your trusted and accountable partner, ADVODA Technology Solutions (ATS), is driving results and communicating with you in the most transparent manner possible.

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