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Procurement & Provisioning

Whether we collaborated with you to design a network solution and managed services portfolio or are simply negotiating the best pricing and SLA for a specific need, we’ve streamlined our procurement and provisioning management. By nurturing partnerships with our vendors, we maintain solid lines of communication to key vendor contacts. Plus, every service tune up is assigned a dedicated ADVODA Technology Solutions project manager that commits to our internal SLA that exceeds industry averages.

Here are some examples of what you can count on from us:

  • Multiple competitive vendor quotes on request

  • Every new or MACD request submitted to the vendor within 8 business hours

  • Weekly (minimum) update on every order from your ADVODA Technology Solutions Project Manager

  • Verification of every order against the first bill ensuring your quote is honored

  • Full transparency and tracking accessible 24/7  through ADVODA NEXUS


As part of our methodology, ADVODA Technology Solutions provides a complete trail of records for the service installations we are processing on your behalf. Our project managers actively manage the complete process up to and including ensuring that the first invoice for the service ordered is correct.


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