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Voice Services -
We've got the secret decoder ring. 

“PBX”,”VoIP”, “Key System”, “SIP trunking”, “DID”, “CLEC”, “ILEC” – sometimes it seems like the telecommunications industry is deliberately trying to confuse you.


Well, we can help you decipher all the jargon and technology into simple, easy to understand choices for your business, and we can recommend the ones that best fit your requirements too.

Contact advoda

today about your voice communications needs, and find out how services should be delivered. 

So forget all the "mumbo jumbo." 

We’ll simply design & deliver the solution that fits your needs:


  • Multiple business locations

  • Remote employees with main office phone extensions

  • Reliable and cost-effective international calling

  • Integration with your CRM or customer service system

  • Managed calling features and advanced call routing

  • or any other requirement from a simple dial tone to a high volume call center

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