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Why ADVODA? – We’d like the opportunity to show you.

A lot of telecom consultants and managed services agents will tell you their team is second to none. We invest in our team every day as we strive to give our customers and agents the best possible experience designing and procuring top notch communications and IT services for their businesses.


This area is a big priority for us.  Through a rigorous hiring process, we try to bring on only the kind of people who strive for excellence, regardless of the endeavor.  Then we train, and train, and train some more. Our customers tell us even our sales people are some of the smartest and most technically knowledgeable professionals in telecom and managed services.


ADVODA NEXUS, our order management and information system, is the convergence of technology with integrity.  It has been touted as one of the best in the industry. Our customers and agents alike appreciate the complete process and status transparency it delivers and the 24/7 availability of critical information during service procurement and turn up.


Our organization is built around managing your IT and telecom service experience from inception through the life of our relationship.  Our total life cycle management approach handles pre- and post sales effort, plus long term service evaluation and support — so you don’t have to.  We provide a dedicated project manager during your service implementation who will contact you at least once per week to keep you informed.  That attention continues in the form of strategic planning, vendor/provider escalation support, and handling of all change/move requests after your services are in place.

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