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Lifecycle Management – The Best Partners Stick with You Through Thick & Thin

Total Lifecycle Management is our commitment to be there throughout our relationships with both clients and agents.  We understand business technology needs are not part of a fire-and-forget exercise but rather a strategic investment that must be reevaluated and updated as your business and environment change.  So, ADVODA Technology Solutions sticks with you providing account management and filling an advisory role for your network and managed services solutions.

How is this Different?

Most master agents and brokers focus on selling services…only. Once your technology is in place and billing starts, they consider their job done.  ADVODA Technology Solutions is fundamentally different in that regard. It is our goal to create an ongoing relationship with you to make sure everything after the sale goes smoothly.

Let's Talk!

What is lifecycle management?

On average, a network or managed service provider spends 4 units of effort on post-sale implementation, support, and account management for every 1 unit of sales effort – and that’s when things go according to plan. That’s a big burden for a sales agent or for a customer who manages implementation on their own.  From dealing with carriers and data centers, to managing MACD (move, add, change, disconnect) requests, most of the work comes after you’ve chosen a technology solution.

That’s where we come in. Our business model is focused on helping you procure services and then on managing the 80% that comes after you’ve selected your services. So customers have a dedicated project management team for new services and MACD service requests plus a consultative account management team that can:

  • Remind you when contracts are expiring and review your options

  • Design full technology solutions for your business

  • Advise you on infrastructure considerations for business system projects

  • Manage service escalation issues with providers

  • Periodically review pricing and more

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