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Workers at Gas Plant

Oil and Gas

Digitizing to deliver more energy options, reduce cost, and provide higher customer satisfaction.  

In past years, oil struggled on digitizing and new methods of banking, online business, and retail parts to improve profitability. However, in the most recent years, Oil Companies started executing an expansion of digital technologies to accomplish the best business decisions.

Being so field intensive, the oil and gas industry and operations already have many important business values to attain from utilizing cloud-based technologies such as "SaaS", "PaaS, "IaaS", and "BPaaS". These would allow for companies to maximize profits and improve the safety of their workers. This would also make it much easier to share the large amounts of data from field instruments, regulators, and contractors. Operating a large scale industry in a secure yet speedy way is such an important factor to run effectively.

Which challenges can technology trends help with?

  • Increasing visibility into complex operations to control costs and optimize the performance of assets

  • Improve collaboration with oilfield services to improve logistics

  • Use metrics as a “vital sign” of the effectiveness and the efficiency of your operational improvement efforts

  • Create networks of excellence with the many different parts of and oil and gas operation and enable knowledge transfer to maximize operational excellence

Which technology trends can Improve Effectiveness and the Efficiency of your Operational Efforts?

  • Cybersecurity in Oil and Gas information

  • “Cloud-First” Strategy

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data and Data Analytics

  • IoT Devices and Edge Computing

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