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How AI Impacts the Call Center

As much as the public longs for an actual human-to-human connection when they call into a support line or customer service department, just talking to a real person does not guarantee customer satisfaction. What are we missing when it comes to pleasing our callers?

One of our partners, Talkdesk, is convinced that Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier for contact centers, and they may very well be right.

Customer Satisfaction

Traditionally, call centers use technology to track data such as length of time on the call, whether or not the issue was resolved, how long it took to resolve the problem, and the results of any submitted satisfaction surveys after the call occurs. These are all vital elements in regards to customer satisfaction but it is not, by far, the whole picture. These stats fail to take into account how an individual feels during and after the exchange or how much effort it took them to make the call and get to a solution. There are definitely lingering emotions here that impact overall satisfaction.

Customer Sentiment

However, AI is programmed to recognize subtle emotional cues such as changes in vocal tone, the mood of the caller and the agent, and the impact of dramatic pauses… all indications that the customer could be displeased. Plus, the technology is able to translate that (in multiple languages) and deliver feedback to the agent in real time so they can adjust their approach, if necessary.

Customer Experience

When we shifted to a more digital and automated experience, it wasn’t an entirely smooth transition. Simply because callers have grown accustomed to automated prompts and long hold times doesn’t mean that it improves the customer experience. Technology companies want their customers to call in when needed, and anything the industry can do to improve that interaction will benefit everyone involved.

Companies are already eliminating some of the problem by using AI to answer basic and common questions, without the need of an agent, by using chatbots or virtual assistants. As we collect more data, AI will also allow for a more personalized experience for individuals who need support or troubleshooting. All of this can be done using a friendly, outgoing bit of software that will never get bored, tired, grumpy, or annoyed. This will free up your agents to handle the inquiries that AI is not ready to tackle yet and reduce the amount of frustration involved in needed to call into a contact center.

Artificial Intelligence is already happening. It’s no longer just for science-fiction films. The question is: are you ready to invest in the technology that will revolutionize the way your call center does business and how your customers feel when they interact with your company?

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Jason Clairmont, Client Engagement Director, ADVODA Technology Solutions

Rick Corbett, President & COO, ADVODA Technology Solutions

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