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Why Quality Control is Essential for Call Centers

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

When you are tech company, the control center is a vital part of your daily operations. Support, questions, troubleshooting… are all filtered through the contact center. Often, when a customer is willing to pick up the phone and jump through the hoops of calling customer support they are in one of two places: (1) they are stuck and need help moving forward or (2) they are not happy with their product or service. How these customers are treated by the control center is the make or break moment for most callers. In order to determine whether or not your customer support team is winning more than they are losing, there has to be a quality control plan in place.

What is Quality Management?

Quality management, or quality control, exists to track and measure customer service interactions so that the team can identify what is (and isn’t) working and make adjustments, as necessary, to better support their team and their customers.

One of our telecommunication partners, 8x8, recently wrote a blog post that broke down customer experience priorities into 3 categories:

Quality of Human Connection

Each call center representative or agent needs to understand that every call is an opportunity for connection. They exist as more than problem-solvers. Human connection is a vital and valuable endeavor for any customer service interaction.

Accuracy & Completeness of the Information Provided

The connection is vital but if the customer leaves the conversation without a solution to their problem or an answer to their question, the interaction will, ultimately, be negative. It’s key to ensure that the individual’s concern is adequately addressed before disconnecting.

Adherence to Internal Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures exist because something has happened in the past that caused them to be necessary. Security procedures, in particular, are an extremely important function of the process. Hiring team members that both understand, and respect, the procedures that are in place – but are also equipped to escalate when necessary – is key.

Read more about 8x8’s take on quality management in control centers here.

This is one of many reasons that ADVODA Technology Solutions offers Lifecycle Management. Managing your company, your call center, sales, project management and more is overwhelming. Let ADVODA fill an advisory role for your telecom and managed services solutions. Our goal is to create a relationship that is ongoing and help to ensure that everything that occurs after the sale runs smoothly. Find out more about us on our website.

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